I build sandcastles with my thumbs….

Star Date: 12345. Also the number of grammar and spelling errors made before this sentences’ (sentence’s?) completion.

Status: Friends – scarce. Boredom – dangerously high. Spelling mallfuction – efffffff. Beyonce – still not my friend yet.

Captains Log:

It appears that we have created a blog on (in?) which can be found countless (damn that word) movie references, misspellings, and outbursts to our sister.

What you need to know:

There are 3 of us.

3 of of us can spell.

Except 1 of us cant.

Code Names (because reasons):

1. Captain Thumbs aka Queen Bey aka #Highwastedpants aka ARYA aka Words are Hard aka Janelle (thats not my name so dont even…)

2. Detective Shovelmeister aka “Dave” aka #Sweatypalms aka Majestic Nuggets aka RICKON aka That Guy Who Threw Rice at You at Walmart aka Beverly (I wish that was my real name so please… do even)

3. Our third party member is unavailable for comment at the moment and therefore shall go by the names Wynona, Jeeves, and anything that rhymes with the word “espionage.”

Good luck.

P.S. I love you



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